My name is Dana and I’m a nurse practitioner, certified reiki practitioner, healing touch student, flower essence practitioner, plant spirit communicator and intuitive medium.

I have spent many years studying how energy works, talking to spirits and plants, learning to trust my intuition, recovering from trauma, spending time with the sick and dying, and traveling through various realms. My handle is Walking Between Worlds because that’s exactly what I do – whether across the gender binary, the world of the living and dead or between allopathic and holistic medicine.

I tend to be a little bit different than your average ‘love and light’ healing practitioner. I like to approach life gently, with lightness, and silliness, but I also don’t gloss over the pain, suffering, and hopelessness that are inevitably a part of it all. Life is joy and life is suffering, am I right? In my sessions, I tend to hold the mirror up to some difficult subjects, meaning that my subjects may address painful subjects, things you’re afraid of, difficult ancestral patterns, and often times the hard to hear shit that your spirit guides have been trying to tell you! But I have learned to approach these heavy subjects with tenderness and ease without being toxically positive (meaning telling you life is beautiful and you had better suck it up). I will hold you with tenderness as we plummet headfirst into difficult subjects, but then help you figure out how to metabolize things so that you can integrate and move through it from a more resourced, creative and playful approach.

In my sessions, I hope to create space for you to connect with yourself, to your spirit guides, and to the spiritual world as a whole, while we work through any issues and create more flow and ease in your life. Many of the people who find their way to me tend to be intuitives, sensitives and other spiritually gifted people. I don’t find myself to be unique in being an intuitive medium! I believe that we all come in with spiritual gifts and that these are things we all can and should have access to. You have the best understanding of yourself and the strongest bond with your departed loved ones and spirit guides. When you develop the ability to look inward, pay attention to, and trust yourself, you’ll have all the knowledge you require. My goal is for you to learn how to do what I do! Meaning that I identify as a healing practitioner and not a healer because ultimately you are the person who creates healing for yourself. I just aim to support you while you do it.

As a Southern Jew, a non-binary person and a queer person. I seek to foster decolonized, inclusive healing spaces for all, but especially queer, trans and other marginalized populations. I believe that rediscovering the spiritual aspects of yourself and reconnecting with more holistic healing practices various is something that has been taken from us intentionally. Lack of autonomy, dependence on a system that does not care about us, and disconnection from our spiritual gifts and holistic forms of healing directly play a direct role in systemic oppression, so whether you identify as a person experiencing oppression or not, I deeply want people to reconnect to spirit and self-healing so that as a collective we can take better care of one another and get free.

When I’m not working with clients through Walking Between Worlds, you can catch me working in a more traditional job as a nurse practitioner. My specialty there is geriatrics. I love working with older adults! I am passionate about promoting autonomy as people age and talking to people about death before it knocks on their door, so that death may approach as an old friend, rather than something to avoid or be afraid of.

I also enjoy spending time with loved ones and my two cats, cooking, reading, listening to music, making all kinds of things with my hands, creating art, gardening, guiding and practicing yoga and spending time in the woods.

Not every healing practitioner, teacher or way of working with healing practices is going to be one size fits all. I hope you feel inspired to take what works for you here and to leave the rest. May we feel less alone, more connected and more rooted as we do this deep and meaningful work together.

Looking forward to walking with you on this journey,

Dana (they/them)