My name is Dana and I’m an herbalist, reiki practitioner, healing touch student, flower essence practitioner, plant spirit communicator and intuitive medium.

I have spent many years studying nursing, herbalism, vibrational medicine, energy work, mediumship, intuitive development, death work, how to travel through the realms and more while doing deep, transformative shadow work that makes this kind of work possible. My handle is Walking Between Worlds because that’s exactly what I do – whether across the gender binary, the world of the living and dead or between allopathic and holistic medicine.

I feel called to create space for self-inquiry by weaving grounded teachings from a variety of healing practices into all sessions and to helping you connect more deeply with yourself. I hope to create space for you to connect with yourself and to spirit, and to explore some of the oppressive beliefs and systems that are restraining. I believe that connection with our individual spiritual gifts is something that all beings can and should have access to. I also believe that reclaiming various forms of healing practice plays a direct role in systemic oppression and the people’s struggle for liberation. I identify as a healing practitioner and not a healer because ultimately you are the person who creates healing for yourself. I just aim to support you while you do it.

As a Southern Jew, a non-binary and queer person, I seek to foster decolonized, inclusive healing spaces for all, but especially queer, trans and other marginalized populations. 

Not every healing practitioner, teacher or way of working with healing practices is going to be one size fits all. I hope you feel inspired to take what works for you here and to leave the rest. Looking forward to walking with you on this journey.

Dana (they/them)