“Dana! Thank you so much for such a wonderfully powerful distance reiki session. As a reiki practitioner myself, I understand the importance of energy healing and clearing our energetic body and this session was divinely timed and just what I needed. I felt so much lighter, energetic, and open after our session and the messages that came through really resonated with me. Your presence is loving and comforting and I look forward to another session with you.”

-J, Ontario, Canada (Intuitive Energy Healing)

“Dana is the first medium I have spoken to and the experience was incredible. Dana is very consent-focused and from the beginning, they made it a priority to make sure I was comfortable and aware of how the process works. I felt as if the expectations and process were laid out very clearly, and I felt extremely comfortable opening up and sharing with Dana. New experiences like this can make me very anxious, and it meant a lot that Dana took the time to fully ground my expectations and explain what was needed from me in the process. The session itself was so comforting. When Dana spoke to certain family members, what they said and how they carried themselves completely made sense, and there was a sense of calmness throughout the entire process. It truly felt like I was getting advice (and some deserved nagging) from family members who have passed on. Everything about how they spoke and what they said reminded me of specific family members, and the details Dana tapped into aligned with what I know of these people. It was really beautiful to hear from them and gain another perspective on some of the issues I am dealing with. I did not even prompt most of the advice I received, and it was spot-on. I absolutely recommend talking with Dana. Every part of the process was welcoming and felt easy, and I appreciate the experience so much. I walked away feeling like I had gotten a pep-talk from people I have missed for a long time.”

-S, Nashville, TN (Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship Reading)

“Dana provided my first reiki experience. Even as time passes, I find myself continuing to benefit from our session together. Though the session was virtual, it almost seemed as though Dana and I were in shared physical space. Dana is a kind, professional, and comforting practitioner, and I would recommend them to anyone in any phase of their journey. They prepped me well for our time: instructing me to be sure I was fully visible via my camera, be in a comfortable space, and have a pen and notepad nearby for our closing review. While Dana worked their magic, it felt like I was in a meditative state. The music they chose was calm and relaxing, and everything worked flawlessly virtually (at least from my perspective!). Once Dana completed their energy work, we had time to review what they uncovered: spot on areas of tension, quick and easy suggestions for more ease and flow in my life (exactly what I was hoping for!), and even laying out foundational blocks for more intentional and connected living. Dana surpassed any expectations I had for our session and more. I would highly recommend them and am looking forward to continually working together. Thank you, Dana!”

-L, Seattle, WA (Intuitive Energy Healing)

“Dana creates a relaxing space where spirituality and self can be explored in a highly personal and subtle way. In our virtual reiki session I meditated and dove into a deeply relaxed state. Afterwards Dana shared what they explored within my charkas and provided helpful guidance and notes I could continue to reflect on following our session together. Dana’s energy is calming and genuine, a person with a true gift of insight and such a kindness.”

-Sarah, NY, NY (Intuitive Energy Healing)

“It was so special to feel the presence of my ancestors and guides in the room with me and receive their wisdom. The messages that came through were affirming and helped to quell a lot of anxiety that has been coming up lately. It left me with a lot of food for thought and ways to help ground me through big upcoming life transitions.”

-K, Durham, NC (Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship Reading)

“I really enjoyed the experiences. It was fascinating to feel how energy moved around in my body. I left feeling a little more settled.”

-M, Durham, NC (Intuitive Energy Healing)