Residence Reading and Healing Session

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during this type of reading?

In this unique offering, I’ll tune into the energy of the place where you live, including your actual house, apartment, etc and/or the land around it. I see what’s going on in the physical and energetic planes and then work with nature spirits and the keepers of that land to resolve issues, past and present, and bring healing. Just like humans, land tends to need energetic support from time to time. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about who shares the land with you, what may have happened in the past, as well as the chance to connect with any trees or plants on the land and the spiritual keepers of the property.

Who might benefit from this offering?

A residence reading may be for you if you’re someone who:

-Has a curiosity about what’s going on around you

-Feels creeped out or unsure of your space, like something funky is going on that makes you uncomfortable or unclear

-Feels like you have to energetically clear your house or land every day because of heavy “spiritual foot traffic”

-Wants to feel an improvement in the energy of the place where you live

-Wants to learn ways to connect to the land and it’s keepers, including the ancestral stewards of the land

-Wants to learn rituals and practices that bring healing to the land you’re stewarding

What are some of the benefits of having a residence reading?

These readings are really nourishing and supportive. Land spirits tend to want to connect with us and this reading can be the jump-off point for an ongoing relationship between you and those who live on your property. Folks may also benefit from the clearing of any past pain or trauma, as well as any lingering earth-bound spirits that may be causing difficult experiences or trouble where you live.

Will you do the reading in front of me?

Actually, for this reading it is beneficial for me to do the work independently on my own timeline because residence readings require me to go into a trance state and this takes a lot of quiet and a variable amount of time. Our reading will be a report out of any findings as well as time to answer any questions you have.

Can you read the energy at any residence?

No. One requirement for me to do this type of reading is to check in with the spiritual keepers of the land. So far, I have received permission for each reading that I’ve attempted, but there is a risk that I will not receive permission when I ask for consent to do the reading. In that case, I will refund your money to you.

Will I receive a recording of the session?

Yes, you’ll receive a recording of our session that is yours to keep and reference.

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