Flower Essences

Walking Between Worlds Flower Essences are made in ceremony as sacred medicine that honors the wisdom and teachings of plants.

All of the herbs and plants that are essenced are cultivated or wildcrafted in very small amounts with permission from the plants and in exchange for a return offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are a form of alternative medicine that involve using the energetic and spiritual properties of flowers or other plants to promote emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. More or less, the spiritual healing qualities and energy of a flower are captured in water in a special ceremony and then preserved with alcohol. The healing qualities vary from flower to flower. Each essence carries the flower’s unique vibration which can support us in emotional wellness, harmony and balance. Flower essences are made in ceremony, using energetically charged water and sunlight or moonlight. They generally don’t have a scent or any of the physical parts of the plant in them. They are not the same as essential oils, perfumes or tinctures. They are safe for people of all ages, as well as plants and animals. There is no one way to make or use a flower essence.

How do flower essences provide benefit?

Many of our physical ailments come from deeper patterns and issues on the energetic plane. By working with these deeper energy bodies, we can create meaningful change in our physical and emotional bodies. They do not directly impact the physical body or interfere with normal body systems. You wouldn’t want to put them on a cut, for example, or try to use them to cure cancer. However, they are a great support, however, for things like:

  • Moving through blocks
  • Working with difficult emotions
  • Building confidence and finding purpose
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Decreasing stress, self-sabotage, fear
  • Increasing happiness
  • Finding spiritual and heart-centered connection
  • Improving intuition and spiritual gifts
  • Opening our minds
  • Acute anxiety

Pay attention to any changes in your emotional, mental or spiritual state. They work on a subtle level, so it might take some time to notice any effects. However, some folks are able to notice changes right away. Most people report feeling more balanced, centered and at peace after using flower essences regularly.

How can I work with them?

I recommend using them intuitively. Traditionally, I recommend 1-3 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water, 1-3 times per day. Notice how you feel after a few days and either stop there, working in cycles as you see fit, or take for 6 weeks for deeper healing. Other options include:

  • Infusing into oils, lotions or salves, or applying directly on the skin. I like to apply them over specific chakras
  • Using in rituals, ceremonies, or meditation
  • Adding to baths (especially potent!)
  • Giving them to pets or plant friends
  • Dropping a few drops directly into the earth as a way to say thank you to the natural world or land spirits
  • Putting them in a spray bottle and use for clearing or centering
  • Putting them into cooking, cocktails or tea
  • Dropping them onto pillows or blankets
  • Infuse into paint or another medium to support your creative process

There is no right or wrong way to work with them. Frequency of use determines how intensely they will work for you. The sky is the limit!

How can I purchase them?

Purchase options available below. They’re $14 per bottle, including the blends. If you’re local to Durham, you can use the code LOCALPICKUP to subtract shipping costs from your total cost. We can then coordinate a public place and time to exchange (27704 or 27705 zip codes only).

Short Descriptions of Essences

Unsure of where to start? You’ll find brief descriptions of each plant’s benefits and gifts listed below so that you can choose the flower essence that resonates most with your emotional, mental or spiritual needs. Follow your intuition! You’ll find an expanded description in each listing. Also, I’m always happy to help you choose. Just send me an email using the contact form.

  • Blue cornflower – accepting the parts of ourselves we feel are flawed, encouraging us to look inward while shedding any narratives we have created about ourselves, so that we can see what’s really there, preventing self-abandonment and encouraging authenticity, also good for shame, social anxiety, dysphoria or general unease
  • Blue vervain – balances give/take, describing complexity, boundaries, recalibrate, release old patterns
  • Borage – realistic optimism when things feel heavy or scary, grief support, courage to face what ails us, living by our personal values, anchoring into our personal truth, play, centering our heart
  • Bougainvillea – set gentle but firm boundaries, holding your vibration, authenticity, maintaining an open heart, joy 
  • California Poppy – emotional responsibility, ambivert balance, self mastery
  • California Sagebrush – support in slowing down, sitting in quiet observation, allowing your inner landscape to reveal itself, the hidden magic in seeing what is beneath the surface 
  • Chickweed – nourishment for the heart and spirit, invites in play, pleasure and childlike wonder, taking a break from our to do lists and concerns and woes
  • Chill Out Blend combines chickweed, passionflower, wisteria, honeysuckle and blue vervain to help you take a break, settle your nerves, and find a bit of rest and peace.
  • Cleavers – support in developing secure attachment, recovering from self-neglect or self-abandonment, sourcing safety from within, helping us notice where we are swept up in other people or things
  • Comfrey – composting difficult experiences, emotions, offering closure, putting things to rest, allowing for and accepting death and decay, seeing greater cycles, letting down your defenses 
  • Daffodil – balancing routine and creativity, encouraging pattern interruptions for those stuck or in a rut, allow our subconscious to be more receptive and open to creative flow and change 
  • Dandelion – perfectionism recovery, shifting focus from what went wrong to what went right, zooming out to see larger perspective, worrying less about routine tasks, remembering our inherent worthiness, finding sacredness in messes and seeing the beauty in moments where we feel we have fucked up
  • Datura – taking stock, promoting spiritual growth and deep support around purging, reminding us that misery, suffering and trauma are part of the cycle of being alive, then helping us accept that and move it through our systems as well as reminding us that suffering creates depth in the spirit and a beautiful juxtaposition with all that is rich, lovely and easy in our lives
  • Dissolving Trauma Blend – supportive for anyone who is moving through some sticky or deep pain, especially if related to a trauma. It is especially designed for those who are over identifying with their trauma, are feeling victim to circumstances and are struggling to feel hopeful that repair is possible
  • Eastern red cedar – energetic cleansing, allowing all energetic and emotional debris to just wash away, support in receiving with abandon and feeling held, trusting that it’s okay
  • Elderflower – bringing emotional balance, holding, protection
  • Emotional Balance Blend combines elderflower, peony, gladiola, self-heal, California poppy so that we may navigate our feelings with ease and harmony.
  • Fear Buster Blend combines borage, lantana, goldenrod and cleavers flower essences to let us move past fear and step into bravery, freedom and possibility
  • Gladiola – medicine for grounding, pausing and responding rather than reacting, turning towards difficult emotions instead of away so that they can be released, transmuted and composted, also encourages forgiveness of self and others and brings clarity in difficult interpersonal experiences
  • Goldenrod – dealing with challenges with grace and ease and lightness, holding our values in mind, maintaining humanity when demoralized, finding hidden resources, expanding possibilities, sticking to our personal truths
  • Honeysuckle – making space for joy, even when our hearts are burdened and heavy, clearing out our calendars and prioritizing self care, happiness and contentment, encouraging us to walk away from what’s bothering us when possible without dissociating or checking out
  • Lantana – managing emotional extremes (particularly anxiety and fear), grounding into a steady and rooted place so that we can be less overwhelmed and more empowered in the face of a big activating experience while looking inward to examine and study the traumas and patterns that are behind our responses
  • Let Go or Be Dragged Blend combines dandelion, cleavers and daffodil and is energetic medicine for control freaks, recovering perfectionists and anyone in the attachment struggle.
  • Motherwort – staying true to our lightness and darkness, collective power and strength, trusting your truth and speaking it, softness as power, connecting to angel energy and other protections 
  • Naupaka – releasing judgment, support for the prickly and anti-social, allows us to maintain our discernment while recognizing where we’re being unfair
  • Passionflower – encourages a conversation with our nervous system, allowing us to surrender to deep peace, knowing and trust, so that we can rest, let go of control and trust that we are held
  • Peony – medicine for renewal and presence, for coming back to center in the moments where all you can see is lack, loss and suffering, for when it all gets to be too much and you find yourself dissociating, distracting, numbing our, or stuck at the bottom without a way up, to help you find your anchors, slow down and see the freedom, ease and abundance right in front of you
  • Pokeweed – allows us to stop the emotional reverberations associated with trauma, the energy that we keep feeling the effects of after the experience or memory has faded, bringing a swift and deep purging of that which does not serve and replacing it with a sense of renewal and restart, also encourage inner fortitude and releasing of shame or negative self-images that have come with suffering and trauma
  • Protection Blend – energetic protection that combines the energies of yarrow (boundary setting), Eastern red cedar (energetic cleansing and feeling held), lantana (anxiety and fear support) and southern magnolia (grounding protection)
  • Psychic Defender Blend combines yarrow, Eastern red cedar, lantana and Southern magnolia to aid in boundary setting, energetic cleansing and protection.
  • Sacred Attention Blend combines California sagebrush, cleavers, black walnut and dandelion and is a great ally for people generally struggling with inattention, or anyone wanting to shed distractions and slow down enough to practice spiritual connection. This would be a great tool to use for anyone wanting to focus, or for us in a meditation practice, an intuitive development practice or a plant/animal/spirit communication practice.
  • Self-Heal – let go of outcomes in healing, embrace the power of not knowing, trust in what’s unfolding, allow healing to be messy, trust in the process and yourself
  • Southern Magnolia – protection, tending and support during spiritual work, moving through portals or liminal space, encouraging presence in self when feeling neither here nor there, grounding the spirit into the body
  • Quince – support for those experiencing a lot of pain and confusion in their gender identity, supports multiplicity, feeling seen, defining ourselves outside of what others think or labels, encouraging compassion and curiosity, allowing things to feel more expansive and, asserting ourselves in a loving and healthy way
  • Wisteria – helps us access pleasure, enrich our sensory experiences, challenge us to see the world through a more joyful lens, also supports those who have experienced sexual trauma and are having a hard time with physical intimacy, also an ally for those wanting to identify with or express their sexual nature
  • Yarrow – setting boundaries, loving detachment, grounding, energetic protection

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